Team change suggestions?

Currently my team is


Looking to swap out Warhound and Valkyrie. Any suggestions?

Also looking to build dragon team. Dragons I got are

Baby Dragon
Dragon Eggs
Dragonian Rogue
Drake Rider
The dragon soul

Suggestion welcome

  • what is an Experian? :confused:

  • dragon team: Dragotaur / Dragon Eggs / The Dragon Soul / Dragonian Rogue + abysmal banner (could be not the best one, lets see what others say)

  • to help with your alchemist/banshee team we could use some info about which of base legendary cards do you own? ( also if you want - you can give us list of your whole collection by going to ashtender website, linking your account, and giving us a permalink from it, edit: NVM ashtender permalink, i completely forgot consoles cant have that :frowning: )

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Experian = Emperina

Bloody stupid auto correct

Will post what base legendary cards I have when I get home from work


Base legendaries I got are

The dragon soul

im guessing hydra and dragon soul could be fun addition to alchemist+hellcat (if you have hellcat)

  • the alch+hellcat creates an infinite loop, after that hydra builds life to tank and DS would generate souls and mana if needed

i dont see anything to actually work with banshee and alchemist well, perhaps some epics, but those two troops alone dont loop too reliably so iwouldnt base a deck on them as the main 2 units (they could still go together as long as they do a good job supporting some other units that i would call “main”)

generally you are probably best off with a deck based on The Dragon Soul :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. Don’t think I own Hellcat yet but will look when I get home. Think I need to make a blog post detailing what troops i got for easy access while away from console

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Dragon Soul is the only one of those that is long-term viable now, sorry: but is an excellent one, and nets you souls as well.

An all dragon team is probably best way to go for now: just get 4 dragons there so TDS is overpowered as hell (20 damage AoE per cast).

Dragotaur / Dragotaur / TDS / Drag Rogue would work.

Dragotaur has a great buff spell, and should be easier to unlock Arrmored trait, plus a chance to summon another Dragon on death. Two of them in = fodder / shield for TDS.

Drag Rogue adds some nice extra damage.

Abyssal banner (+2P,+1R) is best.

Once you get some better dragons (Krystenax, Sylvanimora, Venbarak, maybe Borealis), switch 'em in.


Tried this, this morning and worked brillantly. Unfortunately not got abyssal banner yet so using vampire banner