" Dragon " Teams ? (Console)

Hi everyone,

I know this topic has been discussed many times on the forum. But after reading a few of them it still hadn’t answered my questions or clarified my thoughts.

This week I got Dragon Soul, Sheggra, Shadow Dragon and Bone Dragon. So I was happy of course, but when I tried the 4 of them together it was … Meh. No real generator/support, no proper MT/TT, it was kind of everyone DPS as much as he can before the opposite team kills you.

So I checked in PvP what kind of deck could be built with the Dragon Soul and I ended up with :

  • Dragotaur
  • The Dragon Soul
  • Dragonian Rogue
  • Dragonian Monk

Once again, meh … Only one true DPS, dragotaur is kinda weak but ideal for tanking, the rogue is weak af and the Monk a bit too random. Besides, I wanted my Sheggra to have its job within my team.

Thus, I can’t come up with any balanced team that would include Dragon Soul + Sheggra. Any ideas ? I have no other legendary dragons but the 4 mentioned above.


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Dragonian monk
Dragon soul

Oops sorry missed part where you said no legendary dragon

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Ok so first of all you don’t even take count of : [quote=“Sticky, post:1, topic:24655”]
I have no other legendary dragons but the 4 mentioned above.

Nor : [quote=“Sticky, post:1, topic:24655”]
balanced team that would include Dragon Soul + Sheggra.

But you answer the question about a team with Dragon Soul in it, so I take it as an answer x)

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Dragon soul

I was not sure if you had sheegra, choice is limited but it should be a decent team

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Even though they are both dragons there is limited synergy between them. Use the team rickkygervais suggested. Sylanmora is used primarily for its third trait “Entangle”.

Sheggra would do better on a Skull spam + Burning team. (Bone Dragon + Sheggra)


Any idea for the support in the team ? I have War and Hellcat as a generator but it may be too mixed up

I’m gonna try that right away, thanks :beer:

Do u have IK? If so IK + alchemist is excellent support/loop for any skull spam

He asked for dragon team :slight_smile:

He also asked for support troops for skull spam

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But he’s answering it, as an alternative team before I get the other legendaries for the team you proposed first with Krystanex :stuck_out_tongue:

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See? 10char

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As for dragons the team i use is krys tds slyvi krys with abyssal banner

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Unfortunately, these are the only legendaries I have :

Sheggra +

This won’t be a “Dragon” team. But look for troops in your collection that generate Red or Brown gems, cause troops to burn, generate Skulls, Do x2 damage to burning enemies, Add attack (to your team or 1st slot so Skull spam hits hard)

Ideas only from Broken Spire (lots of troops out there):
Fire Lizard, Lava Elemental, Terraxis

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I am salty because I can’t get any win with my actual team (left of the picture). So I wanted something strong because my friend I showed the game to just looted Mab Queen and are wrecking everyone on Guild War. Lvl 108 I can’t even do 4/1 on every war.

So the Dragon team was the most appropriate one imo as I have 4 of them. But if you have ANY ideas of a strong team with those cards I’m listening very carefuly :3

I see you got war, i would probably try to build something around him

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War + Sheggra? he’ll need a way to power them as there both high Mana cost. Back to Skull Spam

Who said i want to put sheegra with war?? Lol

I would try

Dragon soul
Spring imp
Phara ro

You are trying to build a soul team ? And the team has no strong generator.

Back to : [quote=“Strat, post:18, topic:24655”]
he’ll need a way to power them
Hellcat gives me 20/100 mana every time I use him, so it won’t be a mana problem. I struggle with heavy damage