Help on team set up

Hi I have shadow dragon maxed out.can any one recommend another 3 to go with it many thanks

I run;

Shadow Dragon
Bone Dragon
Giant Spider
Wolf Banner (Green/Blue)

It’s the best use of Shadow Dragon’s potential I have found so far.

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Thankyou give it go now.

I dont own the card myself but ill give you a tip in how to figure out decks for yourself: Look for synergy passives like if they get more magic for a certain color make your whole team that color (halves) so you get that passive and build your other card choices specifically on strenghtening that specific on themselves aswell.
Seeing as Shadow dragon also creates purples ánd has purple link its a good idea to make a halve purple team with him (all cards having half purple and half another color).

Also consider the status effect synergy. Like shadow dragon deals poison so it wouldnt be a bad idea to put him in second slot instead and put a card that deals extra skull damage against enemies that are poisoned in the first.
Or using cards with it who’s 'skill damage is augmented when they attack poisoned cards.

Hope this helps.

edit: man now i want shadow dragon myself to build a deck with hehe

Thanks for that great stuff.

Did any of the purple true damage troops work at all well? Mist Stalker?

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Mist Stalker could replace Skeleros but this is a Skull team, not a True Damage team


Great set up.Manythanks

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