Which legendary troop should I forge? (Shadow Dragon?)

I am currently level 250, Titan level 68, and I am curious if it is worth forging a legendary troop in the soulforge. My current favorite team consists of maxed out Mountain Crusher, Viper, Sylvanimora, Scorpius. I really like the Viper, Scorpius combo but just saw Shadow Dragon in the soulforge. I only have a total of 932 diamonds but really think the Evernight (poisoning all enevmies) with the Shadow Dragon would pair well with Scorpius. Any thoughts on if I should do it or if I should hold off. I have seen people saying to wait to forge mythics but being only level 250 I think a good legendary would help. Any questions or clarifications feel free to ask. Thanks.

Get in an active guild — one that completes most/all of its tasks each week. The keys you get from that will help you complete your legendary collection, as will spending event keys at the right times.

Do not spend diamonds on legendary troops. They (legendary troops, not diamonds) are too easy to come by compared to mythic troops.


I suggest waiting for other troops that are more versatile if you do actually choose to forge a legendary troop - there are, in general, better options than Shadow Dragon
While it does sound like the overall synergy might be good for your current deck, that will change over time and likely Shadow Dragon will be relegated to the pile of unused troops (I am assuming you have the resources to trait him)
I assume you are in an active guild (if not make the move ASAP) and keep saving for mythics or better troops

Beaten to the punch, what he said…

Legendaries that you desperately need to buy in the Soulforge are few actually: The Dragon Soul, Gorgotha, Keeper of Souls, Kraken, The Great Maw, Yao Guai. And you have good chances to get them in chests and save your precious diamonds for Mythics (Pharos-Ra, Infernus, Queen Aurora).

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While I agree 100% with your point, I think your list needs some work
Scratch Keeper of Souls, Kracken, Maw - All decent mid-game but drop off after that - focus on more utility troops that can go the distance (Yao Guai is a prime example)
Add (just some specific examples) King Highforge, King Bloodhammer, Divina, Ishbaala, Qilin,Holy St Astra, King Alerlon - the 50% mana start trait troops are all pretty darn strong and will only get better over time
But as has already been mentioned - GET AN ACTIVE GUILD and build from there, save for the mythics as they are next level. Also a guild can help guild you on the current metas etc.
Also, I assume you scrimp and save for the 50 gem Dungeon of Luck gem pack on Sundays - If not, get on that band wagon too ASAP!

if poison is what you want, wyvern is a better option than shadow dragon. its only ultra-rare. it poison the last 2 troops, which what scorpius target. it also deal damage to first 2 troops. and it start with 50% mana.

shadow dragon isnt that good to spent diamonds on because you will outgrow it fast.

Don’t forge legendaries, imho…it’s a waste of diamonds and you’ll get it from chests. :wink:

Don’t craft it and wait to get it by normal means - luck and time or grind.