The event has ended! after about 30 minutes!

On PC Today about 8h30 eastern time. Has started rescue of Tinycorn at about 8h05. Won 7 games and at the moment I wanted to start the last one, I got the message Error- The event has ended. It was around 8h30. First time that it happens to me and that is the first pet that I was tryiig to rescue today. I have rescued 7 pets this weekend with no problem. Could it be related that I receive the Tinycorn in one of the rewards in the first games of the rescue? Thanks in advance. The time indicated at the beginning of the rescue was 54 minutes left.

After investigation with my guild, someone told me that the event has started about 30 minutes earlier that I have started. So the bug would be related to show the correct minutes remaining when you start the event.

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My pet event are ending also! Had 3rd level complete then it said event ended and will not let me start another event. Keeps ending!