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Pet Rescue game ends prematurely

When playing Pet rescue the game ends right after stage 4 saying " this event ended" Total play time approx 10 minutes?
This happend for the third time already.

You sure you catched the start of the event?

Cause sometime there is an event running but it doesn’t pop up untill you complete a fight

So if only 10 min left you will only get 10 min

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Yep, As soon as the event started I participated. After fight 4 it just stopped, and this 3 times in a row

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The pet event ended before I could collect the 4 prizes I had already won. If I knew that could happen I would have gotten them right away after battles. That’s some BS I cant get my wins.

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This is suppose to be fixed, @cyrup mentionned you suppose to receive unclaimed rewards in the mail

If you didin’t get it, i suggess you to fill a ticket

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Just now I completed the final battle (it was a long hard fight). Killed the last enemy, and got “This event has ended”. No reward. Sorry, but if you complete the last battle, you should get the pet. :frowning:

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I think this timer is inherent in the entire system/game. If notifies the server when the battle is over and uses that as the time stamp. Not when you begin an activity, or open the interface. PvP, GW, Raid, Invasion, Chest Openings, Gold contributed, etc all work this way.

I’m ok with the fact that they mail the rewards out for completed battles (updated from launch), you just need to score before the buzzer goes off.

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Your reward should arrive in the mail within 30 minutes

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well if you complete the battle you should get the reward, in my opinion.

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Ah ok, thanks- we’ll see!

It’s been about an hour and no email…

Cyrup told me you don’t deserve it :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously you will need to fill ticket

Har har! Honestly don’t feel like doing a ticket… don’t even remember what pet it was. Just hope they see this thread and fix it for other ppl.

You don’t have to remember which pet it was, they will know by looking at your log.

You should definitely send a ticket under"missing rewards"