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Pet rescue logic is bad beyond reason

I got used to starting a pet rescue and getting kicked out of it halfway down, with the “Event has ended” message. But today it even let me finish the last battle, only to then tell me that the event has ended…
This is terrible design and makes no sense at all. Please fix it, devs!

Maybe think about making it so that, once you start a rescue and don’t step out of it, you’re allowed to finish and collect rewards, even if the timer runs out on the way.
I mean, why do you always have to frustrate and upset your players?!


If you completed your battle before the timer was up, they should send you your uncollected rewards in your mailbox. Typically they get there about 30 mins later. Make sure to start collecting your rewards after every battle. Pet rescues are supposed to be a challenge. I started one yesterday with only 10 mins to spare, and somehow got all 8 battles done. I started one the other day, and wasn’t able to finish the last 2 battles in time. So it goes. When it all comes down to it, you will get more pet rescues and you will see that pet again, so eventually you will get all the pets you need. It just might take a little more time.


That would be a good idea, but its simpler how it is right now, not better, but simpler, and since its new that’s usually what happens to be the case, also sorry for your frustration. But as Elarcadia said, im pretty sure they will be in your mail.

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You must complete the battle before the event ends. Think of it like any sport or game, just because you show up on the field doesn’t mean you get unlimited time to score as many goals/points forever. You will recive any uncollected rewards in the mail within an hour.

I started a Pet Rescue with 11 minutes remaining when I signed in this morning. After I collected all my rewards there was still 6 minutes left in the Event. There is more than enough time.

EDIT: I suppose NOT hiding the timer off the right edge of the screen would have been excellent UI decision. I don’t now how many months it would take to make it visible, but it would be nice to see it


I know it is designed this way, and there was also a note in the ‘issues’ topic that if timer runs out in last battle you get all rewards in mail - except pets.
But … why?? Why make people waste their time and get frustrated?
Wouldn’t it be enough to tell us “sorry, you’re too late” if you try to start a rescue and the timer ran out, but let us finish if we get there in time?
Just my opinion, of course.

This game offered enough frustration, lately, especially with Raids. No need to add more.

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There is a timer?

I don’t find any of the new modes frustrating, but rather challenging and exciting. Are you in a guild that has an out-of-game chat? If not, I would suggest starting one in your current guild and/or joining a guild that has one. We all post to each other when rescue starts, which gives everyone ample time to rescue the pet. It has made a world of difference!

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Our discord and pet-rescue-notifications channel work just fine :wink: But not everyone is online all the time. In the above case I saw that I only had 15 minutes for the rescue, and it’s all the more frustrating if you make it to the 8th battle, win that and … event has ended.


Yes, they hide the timer off screen. You need to scroll right in the Games section.

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maybe collect rewards after each battle and pay close attention to time remaining is what I do.


Ah, see I play on my phone, and even thought I am not on the internet a lot, I do typically have my phone on me most of the time so the notifications help me immensely. I have missed a few, but in general it has helped immensely.

As far as your idea for a rescue telling you “Sorry, you’re too late” and not even letting you start it if it didn’t think you could finish, I certainly hope they don’t do that. Even if I know I won’t have enough time to get to the last battle, I still try to bang out as many fights as I can mainly for the food. And, hey, if I happen to find a pet along the way, even better!

Yeah, that’s one way to do it. Though I’d rather have the devs reconsider their game design at this point. Because improvements can be made :stuck_out_tongue:

Elarcadia, the idea was actually to not let you start only if the timer is already up. If not, just let us start and finish all the way. I don’t see a problem with that.