[Not a Bug] Pet Rescue Rewards are not mailed to me if event has ended when battle is won

Platform, device version and operating system:
Phone, android OS

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When participating in a pet rescue, if the event ends while I am in battle, the message will come up Error, event has ended, restart game. Which is normal. But others tell me that they are then mailed their rewards, which I never have been and it has happened many times. And yes I do win the battle, so I see no reason why it should be different for me. Hence the ticket.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since I have been playing on android it has been happening. It always happens.

Steps to make it happen again
Finish a battle for pet rescue when it has ended.

You only get rewards mailed to you of anything you got on the victory screen while the event was still running.

If your battle elapses past the event ending, you won’t get any rewards for that one battle. All 8 battles need to be completed while the event is active unfortunately


But others experience the same exact thing and are mailed the rewards, same screen I see. Event has ended. Restart game. They then receive the rewards for that battle. Are they experiencing the glitch, then? And if that is the case, why am I allowed to finish my battle before I am told the event has ended and get nothing for my troubles? If the event ends and I can’t get anything, it should stop the battle right there.

Just to add on to what Hawx mentioned, the rewards that are mailed to you are from the “Rewards” tab of the event. If you have already claimed those rewards, you don’t get anything mailed to you, as you have already gotten them. Likely what is happening is others are not claiming their rewards, so they get them mailed after the event ends.

What you see on the Victory screen of each battle is given to you immediately. If you don’t see a Victory screen, as is what happens when the event ends before you finish a battle, you don’t get any reward for that battle.

That would be a nice feature, but it doesn’t work that way - you have to be mindful of when the event will end, and decide for yourself if you want to try to finish the battle in time or not.


Hmm…I started claiming rewards after each battle since this was happening (I thought I would lose them if I didn’t) so that might be it. I will try not doing that and see if it mails them to me. Thank you for the info.


A little thing to add here: Battles are pre-loaded and there is no server communication until they are finished. This lowers the server load (likely quite significantly, as at a given time, most players are likely to be in a fight) and guarantees a battle flow without interruptions.
While this can sometimes mean, that you are fighting a fight, you will not get rewards for, because its deadline expires, I think, the net result is positive.

Receiving rewards through mail, that you did not claim, is not exclusive to pet hunts, but also happens with every other event. The game assures, that you do not lose your stuff (unless your inbox is overfilled or you forget to pick it up from mail too long as well).
In most cases, it is better to get your stuff right away, but if you are really chasing for seconds in a pet hunt (let’s say, you ran into it during its last five minutes), you can save a bit this way.


Thank you for the added info, that makes a lot of sense.

@Hawx & @OneWorld have covered everything I could have mentioned, other than we do have a little article about this error message for anyone else who has not encountered it before in Pet Rescue Events:

Unfortunately, we cannot make this message appear during the battle.

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