The devs screwed up again... Dungeon

Since their true Random rewards “fix” I have gotten BOTH traps before anything else… I call bull**** … Just another gem sink buying Dragonite at 300 gems a pop… I see people playing WEEKS without a perfect run now.


Did you had an impression that this “feature” is anything more than a gem sink? Intended to be RNG dependend with only reliable way to get these resources being gems?

Just look at Cursed gnomes- same story :wink:


Springing both traps in two doors is estimated at a 1/15 (~6%) probability, which is still more common than the odds per chest of pulling a Legendary troop.

Yes, it hurts. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “Minesweeper rule” where the first door you open is required to not be a trap, because of how demotivating a trap can feel right out of the gate.


Getting 2 bosses and an altar and then both traps feels worse.


uhhh I just got my first perfect run today. I pick at random and don’t really care what I get cause on my team I used two fully medaled and leveled Queen Bees.

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