Minesweeper Gems of War Edition is super lame

Due to the plethora of Gems of War concurrent events happening I can’t express how badly designed the dungeons are. And how much it feels rigged against players with each passing update.
I will offer a solution that will be tossed away due to publisher not caring about feedback anymore.
Instead of multiple mines…err I mean traps. How about just 1/6? And the room to used to be a trap would just be a free pass from. No boons nor rewards.
The game mode is mentally abusive. Players don’t feel good about getting a perfect run. They feel relieved that a rigged algorithm allowed them extra rewards. The house wins too often. If you’re going to act like a casino then you need let your addicts get their fix more often. Otherwise they just go cold turkey and quit your product…dude. “Game” dealer 101 man.


Yeah, I haven’t had a perfect run in 3 weeks.

Minesweeper’s not a fair comparison though: Minesweeper is winnable with skill. I rather like Relle’s dismissive description of it as his “daily scratcher”.

That said, I wonder if adopting Minesweeper’s guarantee that the first click is never a mine would help a little here? That would bump the odds up slightly, and maybe more importantly would reduce the “hit a trap on the first room WHY AM I EVEN PLAYING THIS STUPID GAME” frustration.


Maybe after many failed attempts, let’s say after a week, the other trap room would dissapear until you get a perfect run. I’m pretty much where Maisie is with three weeks…


Frankly, getting a perfect run shouldn’t be the only way to get dragonite (if you don’t want to waste 300 gems for the 60 the devs give you).

With the way the dungeon is now, you should start with getting X amount of dragonite if you get a perfect (based on what level you’ve descended to). Then for each trap you get, that amount decreases by a set percentage. This way if you hit both traps you are still getting some dragonite, though a very small amount, instead of the zero you get for weeks+ at a time.

So lets say you get 100 dragonite for a perfect run. If you trigger 1 trap, then the dragonite reward drops by 50% and if you hit both, it drops by 90%. So your rewards for doing the dungeon could be 100, 50 or 10 dragonite upon completion. This way you at least get something so it doesn’t feel like you’re getting screwed over every single day and you can work your way up to getting an Egg over 2 months if you hit both traps every day. Yeah it would suck for that to happen, but you could at least still work your way up to a reward. Unlike now, where its a lottery if you’ll ever get enough.

And then this way, maybe it won’t feel so bad that we keep getting duplicate dragons from the Eggs.

Also, maybe if you complete the dungeon without triggering the boon/treasure room you get an extra bonus of dragonite.

Unfortunately, like with every other new “limited” resource that gets introduced, unless you throw thousands of gems at it to get what you want or get extremely lucky with the RNG you’ll have to wait a year until this resource is now flooding the game and its now a reward from the Adventure Board or Daily Deals or some new gnome is now appearing that drops it and it becomes a reward from the Vault.

Every resource goes through this pattern, where its extremely limited at first and then 2-3 new resources later this resource is now so abundant you are overflowing with them and have nothing to use them on. Then the devs will create a new crafting recipe in the Soul Forge that uses it, but it also requires whatever new limited resource they’ve introduced, making the recipe pointless for at least another year+.

Its a vicious cycle of quick cash grabs by the devs and I doubt it will ever change until they stop supporting the game and move on completely to something else.


Y’know, calling the boss dungeon “Minesweeper” is an insult.

…to Minesweeper.

Microsoft Minesweeper, at least, guarantees the first tile you click will not be a bomb.