The Devs Are screwing Us(Gem Dragons)

I have a total of TWENTY FOUR gem dragons… Sounds great, right?.. No… I have too many multiples… I still don’t have a single Garnet or emerald dragon… STILL… Since my last post… This is ridiculous… @Nimhain


I don’t blame the devs. Its that higher levels most likely get more dragonite than lower levels do. Plus its the drop pools fault not the devs fault If you report the drop pool maybe they might fix it. Me at lvl 600 has only opened 1 gem egg and has the red dragon boss on switch. I believe the drop pool is different on different consoles including mobile and Pc.

Gem dragon is not the new gem type?
Guess you meant boss dragon, dragonite resource, and eggs

oh, it is exactly “the devs” fault and noone else is to blame.
they know it.
they don’t care.
not at all.

if there’d be a independent vote of “the players” on if this rng based luck scam model should continue I’d say besides some trollvotes or otherwise rigged votes you’d get a 90%++ vote against rng based output. same for hoard mimic, same for new releases of mythics if you’re a new(er) player, etc. even there you’ve got releases that take insane amounts of keys/chests and then with another release you get multiple copies of a fully useless mythic with next to no resources opened.
even capping the dragons at a max number of 4 each would make things better for some “players”. the cap at 4 could easily be lifted after crafting diamantina - for everyone wanting to collect a specific dragon to 100 if that’s some personal goal…

just take a wild guess who could interfere very very very fast if “they” wanted to - to make things “more fair” for “the players”, you could call it “fix things”…

“they”'ve done it in the past when “the players” found some “pattern” and the output of dragonite was internally deemed way too high, because a dragonite $$$ gnome was already planned.

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I Didn’t want a rude opinion! First off give them some space They worked their asses off to make this game for us plus they have god damn lives like we do. The devs are way more stressed about yalls wants and needs for the game. Its literally hard to code plus it takes months to years for our @devs to even code every need and want that yall made towards the game. They try their hardest to make ya’ll happy with the game. But it takes lots of time to make the updates and tons of patience for the players to wait. @kafka @jeto (sorry for cursing in the forums I was just trying to make a point) I know how long it takes to build scripts and code bases cause I was friends with really good roblox devs. I even tried coding.

You know that it’s literally their job, right?

They don’t make the game out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s their source of income. It’s how they make a living.

Of course players have “demands” - we’re the customers. We pay real money, pay by watching videos, and even by engaging with the game and the community (without guilds and guild activities outside of the game, it would lose their shine for many players).

The devs implemented the rng. We even know that they manipulate it (see “accidental” dungeon patterns). So of course we take our complaints to the devs. They are responsible for the system.

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Seems like you got an opinion anyway without asking for it. Shocking developments. Who could’ve guessed this is how an interactive forum works?
For the current “zeitgeist” it often appears that other opinions are viewed as “rude” or equivalent to that. In terms of self-reassurance, sure, that also works neat.

yeah, right. :troll_emoji:

but I admit, from a pure casual player / newer player standpoint, that hasn’t played through all the years of (to this day!) unfixed bugs, wrong announcements, blatant dev-lies until being caught lying with “proof” (followed by dev-sided radio silence) it seems harsh to doubt most of the devs doings.


All of us who got banned even though we didn’t do anything to deserve it are really happy right now They’re doing such a great job! :roll_eyes:

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