Could you please set the number of gem dragons not to grow when they reach 4 each?

just like the guardians
I’ve got 6 gem dragons - 1 for each month on average, but 4 of 6 are the same one, which is very frustrating, especially since it consumes considerable time
I can’t stand another 6 months for three more dragons, an extra month for weapons, and the 30 mana one.
I guess DAU is the most valued stat for devs, but what I can see is that you guys are artificially lowering it
Large imbalances should not be artificially created


Unfortunately there’s many of us that already have more than 4 for some of the dragons. Given their record for introducing bugs, I could only see this ending badly. Also, I can’t see them refunding the Dragonite that has been used for the extras.

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I don’t think they need to artificially lower the odds; RNG works enough. I’m sure their data shows that old players huge hoards of gems have dramatically reduced as people buy dragonite, day in, day out. I wonder how many people have resorted to buying gems to get their daily dragonite fix. All these threads complaining about the randomness seem silly → It’s technically fair, and fulfills their goal of giving long term players something to work towards. As DuncanBiscuit says, any ‘fix’ causes more complaining player problems than the fix.

at least we know that there is already a version of that type of code in the game with guardian statue, so i dont think it would be too hard to implement

They’ve been way too slow to act in the necessary way.

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As an “old” daily player since 2014 I can assure you that I certainly do not have huge hoards of gems. In fact, I often have to resort to farming glory chests just to keep up. As a GL I am no longer able to lead the way in events by buying a higher tier and can’t take advantage of offers for gems.

I still have only 5 of the six dragons after buying THIRTY eggs. (cost 74,700 gems)

My enjoyment of the game has thus been impacted to the point that I am edging closer every day to giving it up.

“…It’s technically fair, and fulfills their goal of giving long term players something to work towards”

When Zuul was released it took a long time (not so much now) to save up all the required orbs.
The process was technically fair and required actually playing the game.

The dungeon dragons process imo is NOT technically fair and does NOT give long term players something to work towards. It actually causes them to give up the game.

Sad but true.


I agree that had they implemented a Max 4 system from the start it would have been good, but to add one retroactively would be problematic.
I consider myself lucky that it only took 25 eggs to get all 6 dragons, I know some have opened many more and spent a lot of gems to chase them.
My worry now is if they add more dragons to the eggs or a second set that uses the Dragonite currency and whether they would implement the same game mechanic, because if most players are opting to buy the Dragonite from the shop then it would seem like a success from their perspective.

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Not sure how adding a limit is a negative to anyone as no one was forcing you to continually buy the dragonite when you knew after the first few weeks how streaky the rng was. Even people who have opened 30 odd eggs and still not got all 6 would at least know how many more at most they would need to open so that’s a benefit.