The chat thing is still having problems

PC, Steam
The dev’s should do something about the chatthingy since it’s having hickups. :nauseated_face:
This is a problem that exist since :thinking: … wel a long time. You write a message and if you’re lucky it comes through and appears in the guild chatroom. If you’re unlucky it appears some time later (an hour or more):sleeping:, a lot later (up to a day):sleeping::sleeping: or is some cases not at all… :hushed:
This is very annoying especially when it’s the week of the Tower of Doom. :disappointed_relieved:
So dear dev’s isn’t it about time you try to fix this?
Please? :pray: :pleading_face:


The team are considering a chat update for later in the year. It’s a big task so if it can be done it will take some time, unfortunately.

How long was the game open for before the messages stopped appearing altogether? Although the connection is not the sole cause of this issue it can might help to ensure you’re on ethernet where possible as opposed to WiFi and to restart the game at least once an hour.

Dear Cyrup, I’m always on the ethernet since I’m playing on pc.
Furthermore playtime has nothing to do with it because the problems may start when starting the game as well as after a while. Some days there are no problems and some days it takes forever before a message appears, sometimes a message appears immediately sometimes not at all or the next day, so it’s very difficult to say when and how often it happens. :woozy_face:
An update later in the year??? That leaves the options open doesn’t it since the year just started… :laughing:

Well whatever happens I hope you dev’s are able to solve it :wink:

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I’m sorry, I can’t provide any specific details on the timeline for the update :frowning:

I’ve manually reset your chat room preferences, please try restarting the game. This may temporarily alleviate the problem.

Chat has never worked well, it freezes constantly. On xbox chat fails 100% of the time when starting the game for EVERYONE. You have to wait a few minutes and quit / restart chat to see all the guild posts.

It seems to me my chat freezes when the system displays a mythic was found in either guild or global chat. Just saying

Thanks for trying but the problem still persists, the first message I wrote today took over 2 hours before it appeared :disappointed_relieved:
The next messages appeared as expected… more or less :smirk:
But let us be hopefull somewhere in the future it will get resolved…. Let us pray… :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: :sweat_smile:

It was so bad today I gave up. I gave up four times.


He had it coming @MatrimCauthon

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