Chat wonked stupid 15 letters!

Anyone else having chat issues? Every so many seconds it’s popping up the last guild line. Over and over! I finally just disconnected the darn thing.
Kinda tired of errors, especially when they are old and known.
Anyone have a good suggestion for a similar game?

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I just get constantly ‘Disconnected from Global Chat’ even though I am not connected to Global chat at all.

Do you have a screenshot of what you are seeing?

No Nim. It’s just the last line typed in guild chat over and over. A screenshot would just show that line on the main screen.
With all the bugs still happening since I started the game it looks like a good time to quit for awhile and try later in a few months.

I haven’t seen what Lyndale is seeing, but I have seen guild chat just be a completely blank screen.

Seems to be no pattern to it. Guild roster usually shows as blank at the same time.


When that (blank chat) happens to me, it’s because I forgot to quit the game on one client and not another. After that, the game starts to lag hard, presumably as the second client tries over and over to connect to chat. When I notice this, I have to attempt to join chat manually, repeatedly on the second client (it errors out in most attempts but occasionally gives me the blank page) and then explicitly Disconnect. If I do not do this, the game remains laggy, and on my phone it also chews away the battery.

If the chat client cannot be made to accommodate multiple simultaneous connections for a single user, it would be nice if it could give up trying to connect more gracefully.

Seen that too. It’s time to stop trying to grow rhe game and fix it for pity sakes. I started about a year ago and it is still the same “known issues”.

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Perhaps but I only play on one device and completely close the ap and shut it down.


I get the blank guild chat on console. That could be a completely separate issue, of course, but it can’t be due to having multiple clients open.

Yeah, I’m certain what I described isn’t the only issue with chat reliability. It is, however, a reliably-reproducible one.

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The poorly designed chat system has had bugs since I started playing over a year ago. Never addressed, never fixed.
Pretty much hopeless for effective guild communication or management.

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