Global Chat still broken! How long will this continue?

Well global chat is again today useless. For almost 2 weeks now global chat has been freezing and locking up. It happens at all times of the days and has made recruiting almost impossible. How much longer will we be enduring this broken torture? I have seen devs pop in and say “its fixed” only for an hour later to lock up. Did we find out whats causing this in the first place or is this just being swept under the rug till more people quit from frustration?


It seems to me that this issue should be paid much more attention than it has been given to this day.

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I’m not typically one to disparage and complain about the issues of the game. I know our Devs do a hella’ lot of hard work for us.

But, I agree. The global chat is a vital aspect of the game for many, especially to recruit. I think many of us would greatly appreciate it if these issues were given a bit of TLC at some point soon, dear Devs.

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maybe it will fix itself in the next update whenever that is.

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Still broken Today 2/18. Ongoing and annoying.

Devs, please do something to fix guild and global chat, been too long broken now
Thanks, Mazza

Thanks for the update and sorry for the negative post. I really do know you guys work hard to make this game great and we appreciate the effort and overtime.

Guild chat is still broken - I can read it but cannot post to it. I type in text and hit done and nothing happens.

GoW chat has major issues once every 2-3 months, and it takes weeks for them to be addressed. Whether you want to complain about this, it’s a fact of GoW life that chat is one of the routinely broken features.

Since about 1980, the internet has provided a plethora of other ways to stay in touch with your friends. IRC. ICQ. Snapchat. Instagram. Telegram. LINE. Discord. Skype. Google Hangouts. Google Meet. Google Plus. Google Groups. Email. WhatsApp. All of these conveniently work while you’re playing, without the need for you to block your game so you can see them. Most of these, if they go down, only do so for a few minutes per month.

If your guild considers chat to be important, you should be using one of the literally dozens of other options for out-of-guild organization. That will keep you in touch with your guildmates. Personally speaking, if you don’t have them connected to your IM of preference, they aren’t really “your friends”.

Yes, that makes recruiting tough. Since in-game-chat exists, that’s where every rando stays. If in-game chat weren’t there, and everyone used the forums/Discord, recruiting would be better. We’d be a good bit better off if in-game chat weren’t there.