THE card the people need


We all have had that moment when building a new deck when we were looking for a card to complete our deck, and were left unable to create that perfect deck we were trying to achieve as we found no card that met our criterion.

So, what are the unexisting card cards you’ve been looking for fellas?

Note : be realistic, don’t go proposing a card requiring 3 mana to deal 15 damage to every ennemy. Just imagine the card you wish the game would welcome in the next event !
As we would probably select this unit for its spell / traits, lt’s not focus on his stats per lvl (magic / attack armor / health).

Here’s mine :

Card Name : Arena Keeper
Rarity : Epic
Kingdom : Darkstone
Troop Type : Knight
Traits : Human Slayer / Earth Link / Armored
Spell : Transform a selected mana Color to Brown. Gain 1 (+Magic) Glory.
Spell requirements : 11 Mana of Red / Purple


Card Name : D.E.F. Tank
Rarity : Epic
Kingdom : Adana
Troop Type : Construct
Traits : Defender / Reinforced / Stoneskin
Spell : Give an ally (0+magic) armor, cleanse it, and restore that ally’s armor to max.
Spell requirements : 14 Brown / Purple

I have been wanting a reverse “Emperina” since the beginning of last year. xD


I want:

A dire wolf that gets an extra turn after its spell.