Unknown Twisted Hero?

Does any one have stats on this card? I’m not finding it in the troop list. I’m sure I’m missing it. It is called twisted hero and it is Ultra rare and part of the undead. Thanks

Blighted Lands

Wow did you ascend it?

Yes I did.

How did you get that many? I’m new I just find it hard to come across multiples especially for ultra rare cards.

Welcome! I play religiously and I’m in a great guild. If you enjoy the game; and want to improve, you’re in the right place.

Find yourself a good guild and you’ll be able to get all kinds of troops and quickly.

can you trade troops within your guild?

No, no my friend. You have to work for it. You have to put in the time.

I bet its through the money and glory. I don’t mind putting in the time. I will be patient I do love this game.

Thanks for the info

You’re leagues ahead than most.

My pleasure. You’re in a great place. If you have more questions prepare to be bombarded with answers.

I just thought it was weird that card was the only card I had that was not on the troop list. Is it new?

It is a new one, It is a part of the Blighted Lands kingdom

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It should be listed if you click/tap the “show all” buton in the troop menu :slight_smile:

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Also my guild is always open on pc. it is valleyofdeath.

Hey there, ive been lurking around for a while because with a major bejeweled addiction and old magic player, this game is just spot on! So i’m hooked.

I have to say first and foremost, reading these forums for over a week now, that this has to be the friendliest and most supportive boards and people i have ever come across.

I discovered this game on ps4 about a week ago, and it’s already putting me to tears how far i am behind.

If you dont mind i have a couple of quick questions:

  • I play on ps4 and on my cellphone. Since they are not linked or about to link the two platforms, i suspect a choice to commit is in order. I’d pick the cellphone one (and opt for a bigger screen than 4" soonish :wink: ) because i have the most access to it, and it’s mobile ofcourse. Also, am i correct to understand that the mobile version is on the same player platform as the pc/steam? and the most progressed version of the game as well?
  • the choice of guilds on gow mobile was limited to 10 and all starter guilds. On the ps4 i had the choice to step in a 30 player rank 250or so guild which brought along way more bonuses and richer and more experienced players who were able to contribute to the guild tasks faster which brought a starting player as myself more opportunities in discovering the game (treasure maps, gems, money for arena etc…)
  • Although you have to believe my word for it, i will contribute and invest in this game and am therefor searching for an active and experienced guild for the mobile platform
  • is the cake a lie?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Welcome !

  • Yes, we are a couple patches ahead on mobile/steam than the people on PS4/Xbox1 are. We have more troops, more hero weapons and we receive updates a couple months before they do.
    However, there are some features they tried on consoles we still don’t have on steam ! (Personal tasks)
    It’s the same version on mobile and Steam, you can share an account between those 2 platforms (many people play battles on Steam and only collect golds on phone.

  • I’m surprised you are offered more guild choices on the console version… Anyway, it’s often better to join a guild by using the forum than to join one randomly if you are interested in playing a bit more than casual players :wink:

  • Then you should make a forum post about it, stating how much you play, how much you are willing to contribute to guild tasks, how much trophies you make, and how far you are from having all your kingdoms lvl 10 :stuck_out_tongue:

  • The cake is most definitely a lie, be careful

Thanks for your quick response. If having my kingdoms at level10 is a prerequisite then I have some grinding to do first :wink:

It’s not a prerequisite, but before you have all your Kingdoms to lvl 10, you should probably keep your Guild Task investments as low as possible to upgrade your Kingdoms, once they are all lvl10, you’ll probably want to simply dump all your gold in Guild Tasks :wink: