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N00b requests troop advice

I started playing this game, I can’t remember where I saw it recommended. Maybe Kotaku. I did stuff for a while until I finished all the kingdoms and started researching more stuff to do then I realized how deep the rabbit hole goes on this game. Now I’m trying to figure out deckbuilding and classes and kingdoms . . . there seems like a lot of variables!

This is my first post, so if this is the wrong place to ask about troop advice just stop here and reply at the bottom where I’d be better off to post this and apologies in advance. If this is an ok place to post this, here’s where I am:

I’ve finished all kingdom storylines. Chimera was my most effective card so I leveled Pridelands up to 10 for the green mana bonus and I’m using the Horned banner also for the matching bonuses. The rest of my kingdoms I’ve leveled almost all up to 6, figuring that helps my accumulation of gold and souls and keys and gems and glory since I’m able to at least log in fairly often.

I’ve got cards. I ascend them when I can, but haven’t done a ton with traits yet which means for most of my blues and below I’ve got enough materials to build traits up. I’ve got 3 of the 4* cards (orange).

My current deck, which I am just now coming to realize is basically just randomness, is Psion, The Silent One, Chimera, (all max level) and I have the Dragon Oak card for having leveled up Archer (the only class I’ve leveled so far). Basically I don’t get any real synergy out of any of them, and the Dragon Oak card being green and sitting behind Chimera means I don’t get much use out of it. I also have War and Peace, which I’ve also used from time to time. I also have a Winter Imp who I just started to level up when I found this place.

For as randomly thrown together as the deck is, I cruised through all the storylines, although I’ve done little with Challenges because even though there’s a ton of them it doesn’t feel like they award of ton of souls for the time you put in grinding them. Maybe I just haven’t done the right ones yet.

I’m in a guild, but they don’t talk much and haven’t been particularly helpful which is what I was hoping for. Oh, I have 448 gems I’ve basically been saving up from the beginning to get a 500 gem armor set and I’m almost there now. I’ve started to PvP just in the last couple of weeks which I think I’m getting the hang of so I got up to 1 over the weekend which I’m hoping means I’ll get stuff because I like stuff. I have some stuff. I would like more stuff.

I’m level 76. As I’ve leveled up I’ve spread out my mana bonuses so they’re all about equally distributed (I think they’re all about 12).

I’m kind of a grinder, so I’m looking forward to trying to put my house in order.

I’ve been reading guides and such here on the forums now but there is so much I figured I would start here and start doing one thing and then the next thing and then the next. Thanks much in advance for any advice or information, I really appreciate any bread crumbs to follow towards improvement.

By the sounds of things you are doing fine for progression. Keep levelling kingdoms up to ten. First priority now that the questlines are done. Hard to suggest a team build without knowing what you have so far but if you have some of the goblins they are a good starting team for invades.

Goblin / Boar Rider / Goblin Rocket / Goblin Shaman

People (including me) for the most part hate to see gobbies in defends but they work well in the lower levels for you invades. As I said you seem to be doing fine in progression so . . . . . just keep grinding and get Dragon Armor asap and then Celestial armor after that. Have fun.


It looks to me like you are on a great track so far. Here are some bread crumbs, maybe some of them are helpful:

  • level all your kingdoms to level 10. Focus on kingdoms that provide a bonus to your magic (karakoth, darkstone, zhul kari and blighted lands). After that is done get one at a time to 1 gold star. Then one at a time to three gold stars.
  • you will need a ton of souls. Using the Valkyrie troop is an easy way to get them along the way. We had a nice thread discussing various valkyrie teams just a few days back: Wonderful Valkyrie
  • don’t worry to much about traits until you want to level up your kingdoms. For the most part they are not very important - just nice to have. Obviously you should not be too stingy either. If you have a favourite (useful) troop that has good traits: Go for it!
  • if you plan to be somewhat active for a longer time, look for a decent guild (if yours isn’t). The difference between a random guild and one that is well managed is pretty huge in terms of income for the members.
  • for team ideas: Tacet had a nice video last week highlighting some of the better teams for this patch: Video: 1.0.9 Best Teams
    Most of the teams are pretty expensive/endgame but maybe you can find some inspiration there.
  • Most important: Have fun!