Suggested new card design

Here is my suggested new card design or go back to what it was earlier.

During Battle:


Please, no. I’d like to see the troop art from underneath all the numbers and status effects… we are left with about 1/9th of the troop art visible in your suggestion. We need bigger numbers, yes. But not to the point of obscuring the spell and troop art completely.


I agree with you. This is just a suggestion of making it obvious and easy to see. There are better designs for sure, my point is to make things easier to see and recognize. Thanks for your feedback.

Maybe a place to click or button to see the information you wanna see.

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Surprise-surprise! The purpose of GUI is showing necessary information in most understandable way. But not for showing of blinking and glowing arts.



Btw, artworks are below low level, except a couple of dozens of decent ones.

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It just needs to go back to how it was before this last guild wars. Doesn’t need to be updated at all.


I agree with you.

They should invest their time and resources to fix what we were asking before, such as

  1. Lack of Deeds and Books
  2. Offers that help player progression
  3. Target specific Dragon boss’s crafting
  4. Improve Treasure Hunt mode
  5. Improve Arena again.
  6. Team-specific class build
  7. Treasure map for better utilization
  8. Increase the Soulforge pool to 8 troops instead of 4 troops per rarity.
  9. Fix the missing artwork on some troops.
  10. Quality assurance of a new product or new items before releasing them.
  11. Having a way to monitor game functioning while the office is closed (weekends or holidays)
    And many more

Thank you for summing up many of things that need to be fixed to make this game great again @WhoDat! The devs could have probably fixed some of that grocery list of items instead of changing the card design.

I feel that there was pressure to “make the game look like new again” by throwing in more colors and intense animations, but this player base is smart enough to know that it was probably an unprofessional attempt at covering up their mistakes.

I know of some players who understand this game at a high level, and if the devs would give them a chance, they would have the curtisy to provide thoughtful feedback to make necessary changes that would help bring back the player base.

Throwing new paint on a 1950 Ford truck doesn’t cover up the fact that you still need to get that timing belt replaced…


@Darkborne Thank you. I totally agree with you. This list is some of many things can be done to improve this game that we love and wish they invest little time to listen to this game fabulous community. This community care and have constructive feedback and ideas.

If I was a dev. , I’d definitely spend more time to get game feedback that corrects the course of the game while providing satisfactory results to players and the game revenues.

All the best to everyone, hopefully they will correct and improve the game overall soon.

So asking for competence? XD

It’s nice to see an actual mockup of a suggestion, rather than just phrasing it in words.

This being said … eh, no, I don’t think it’s an improvement over 6.9. One of the best features of the prior layout is that the Life/Armor values (as displayed in battle) were isolated from literally anything else on the card. These are the values that literally determine wins and losses in battle, you WANT them in a location that is quick and easy to spot, and clustering them together with unrelated information is not a good move.

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