The A.I hates me especally in GW since the update

Hi all, Sorry if this has already been covered but me and a lot of my guilds have noticed that difficulty in GW is much higher than before, the mana is always in the favour of the A.I while we are struggling to find one mana match, and don’t get me started on the cascades! Then there is the joy of the glitches for instance the emperor Korvash killing 2 of my 1st 2 troops and taking mana of my 3rd.
I’m posting as its becoming a real problem and a lot of my great members are feeling frustrated and unenthusiastic about the game. Id like to offer a suggestion of being able to choose the difficulty level for more points in GW battles to give everyone a chance.
Is anyone else having the same problems as us and if so, any solutions to offer would be gratefully appreciated.