Does it Bother Anyone Else that Teams are Fake or Bugged

Hi all,

For the past few weeks I’ve been noticing that the teams I am facing contain the exact same members day after day. I’ve faced a player named “Daniel” in three separate guilds this week. Same name, same team, same rating… I’ve faced “Jace mine seeker” over and over this week as well.

This really has made GW no fun for me. It wasn’t much fun before (terrible investment vs reward, seemingly random brackets, so many teams not participating) but now it’s even worse.

I can post screen shots if it helps, and if anyone knows a way to review previous days battles.


Yes someone mentioned this too. I don’t know the threat though, sorry. Maybe someone else does?

what really bothered me, on PC ws the fatct that cuz the nth bug, during GW my opponents’ troops got a ridicolous stat boost that made GW even more annoying and frustating. I wish that when something like this happens, they would just cancel it, since tis week PC players had it really rough against high end mobiles ones that did not suffer from said bug :angry:

You can submit a ticket to Support with this information, or you can post the screenshots in here, tag Saltypatra, and ask what to do. If you post here, scratch out the user names from your screen shots. Just to stay on the safe side of the forums policy on callouts.