Asking for help


Well, lately been thinking all over the place, and lately Gw is kicking my ass, (B2) i dont know if it’s luck, based on the crazy rng, my team, my banner, etc, all i know is Gw is not enjoyable to me, I feel like i get cheated most cases. I just watch and die half the time, But i don’t know what it is, but after the matches i don’t even think “good fight” I just say “damn wtf was that” Cause it seems to be over in the matter of a turn or so, I’m probably doing something wrong, although i do suck. If anyone can help, PM me or contact! Much appreciated! i’m on discord as well.


Do you have Yasmine’s Chosen?


Got two now, got one from our LT yesterday.


I’d be happy to take a look at your teams or share my teams. Just PM me.


I have the same problem with GW lately when I try to be all on color, I just get steamrolled and only have taken 1-2 turns, when I go off color I obviously do a lot better, after the GW patch, I am hoping things get shaken up a lot


Some teams are brutal.
Here are advices for more casual players.

1- use your best troops regardless of colors. Better to win with less points than lose.

2- Level and trait specific killers: Amira against Justice League, Keghammer against Trolls, and make sure you have at least 1 impervious troop at the bottom, because Krakens everywhere.

3- Some low, common cards can be really easy to use, and are greatly underrated, like the good old Goblin. Try a Wall, an Exploder, and 2 goblins. Works miracles. (Mine is Dwarven Gate, TDS, Goblin x 2)