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Asking for help

Well, lately been thinking all over the place, and lately Gw is kicking my ass, (B2) i dont know if it’s luck, based on the crazy rng, my team, my banner, etc, all i know is Gw is not enjoyable to me, I feel like i get cheated most cases. I just watch and die half the time, But i don’t know what it is, but after the matches i don’t even think “good fight” I just say “damn wtf was that” Cause it seems to be over in the matter of a turn or so, I’m probably doing something wrong, although i do suck. If anyone can help, PM me or contact! Much appreciated! i’m on discord as well.


Do you have Yasmine’s Chosen?

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Got two now, got one from our LT yesterday.

I’d be happy to take a look at your teams or share my teams. Just PM me.

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I have the same problem with GW lately when I try to be all on color, I just get steamrolled and only have taken 1-2 turns, when I go off color I obviously do a lot better, after the GW patch, I am hoping things get shaken up a lot

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Some teams are brutal.
Here are advices for more casual players.

1- use your best troops regardless of colors. Better to win with less points than lose.

2- Level and trait specific killers: Amira against Justice League, Keghammer against Trolls, and make sure you have at least 1 impervious troop at the bottom, because Krakens everywhere.

3- Some low, common cards can be really easy to use, and are greatly underrated, like the good old Goblin. Try a Wall, an Exploder, and 2 goblins. Works miracles. (Mine is Dwarven Gate, TDS, Goblin x 2)