BIG ISSUE - GW having the difficulty settings - in GW and being applied

I am surprised that nobody has reported this for 3.05 patch - GW

I looked at the before I entered (I should have taken a picture of the dang card) - it was 36 for attack and 30/40ish for Live and Armor.

this is what is showing

And you can’t retreat.

It won’t let you out


i had a thought - not sure if there is a way to check what their sentinel addition is, but i know that i add 3 ranks of armor and health for 6 each and 5 in magic and attack. then add more if the opposition also is paragon - they get bonus from everyone under them. it adds up quickly in a guild that requires the wars.

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Closed the app

Here’s yet another version of the (100 level btw)


Nope this is 100 1st match - soliders…and yes it clearly is the Difficulty level being applied. I was wondering the last 24 hours why I was getting slaughtered for teams I should have beaten, and more so the points didn’t make sense.

Well Off to the support to file this horrific bug. I just lost yesterday’s GW and today’s 3 because of this.


I think @Jorduck has also been experiencing this too.


Yeah I had this problem too. But I couldn’t change the difficulty level in GW. So I was playing against cards that had 100+ (life + armor) each… it was a massacre. On top of that, cascades… I couldn’t really do anything about it I just looked at my cards being ‘killed’ because of the cascades and high stat cards.

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i had the difficulty bug but it didnt affect me coz my default difficulty lately is normal


So that’s why the astral spirit I played against had 102 health and 70some armor…

No wonder I’m 1-4 in GW two days in a row…

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And that’s also the reason why I’m seeing crazy cascades in guild wars… Because only on NORMAL there is code active to prevent them from happening.

Can someone check if the bug is also on console?
Because I believe it is, but can’t check for another 4 hours at least…


Thankfully, I’m in the habit of keeping everything set to Normal, after all the difficulty bugs in the past.

Great screenshots/catch. This explains some of our very confused members hitting troops with much higher than expected stats.


Can someone tell the players in Anonymous that there is a bug in GW, that makes it easier when you play on WARLORD 4?



Really? Thanks a lot! We weren’t aware of that. :wink:


yes thanks for that info lost four fights in guild war and thought i am the idiot

I’m kind of done with this game. I played to easy competitors in GW just now. The first was okay. The second one again was just an agony. Barely won after loosing 2 cards. It’s no fun anymore. Hate cascades/difficulty bug. And don’t tell me there are NOOO cascades (jedi mind trick) I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyes baby :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s true though so -> :cry:

This bug seems to be on PC only, I tested it on PS4 a few hours ago (sorry… fell asleep… heatwave is killing me), and there was no difference in card strength between normal and warlord 2.

I did notice another bug while testing that, if you don’t have vip 3, and scout a gw battle without playing it, then leave the page and come back, you have to scout again for 50 gold.
This seems wrong, as you’ve already scouted it…
Does this work the same on PC?

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Well this might explain why I went 3/2 tuesday and 4/1 wednesday on PC and 5/0 today when I did it on my tablet.

Also the scouting thing is normal, scouting then leaving will always make you have to rescout.

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I’m not sure if anybody mentioned this but some of those troops are level 20 and fully traited. Not to mention the 50% weekly event buff and I would assume they have all their kingdoms leveled and possibly at 5 stars.

Yes but nothing at 178 points… I have all my kingdoms at level 10, fully traited, 5+ stars and double bonus… and I am also 836 and my lovely Astral did not have 178 life :slight_smile: (even the best guild hadn’t seen it that high)


85 Base Life
+6 bonus from Astral Spirit Trait
+X bonus from Guild Sentinels

91 + X starting GW Life before Event bonus

(91 + X) * 1.5 [Event Bonus 50%] = 178 Life
91 + X = 178 / 1.5
91 + X = 118.67
X = 118.67 - 91
X = 27.67

I think the maximum Guild bonus is around 13 for a Paragon.

In case anyone thought maybe the final troop values were right, they’re not.


The almost 100 attack is also a clear giveaway, :grin:

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