BIG ISSUE - GW having the difficulty settings - in GW and being applied

Hi everyone, if anyone still experiences this after the update we’ve just pushed out, please let us know.


well guys this games is far gone of being enjoyable, pc has boosted stats and i checked my difficulty setting but on PC enemy troops have more stats

Android Screen

Now look the stats on kerb even with all traits and bonds he doesn’t reach the same stats and I checked on both versions on normal difficulty​


Was this after or before the update @Crow?

EDIT: Just compared PC and Mobile, and that stats on PC are still higher for Ranked PvP.
Will compare GW in a few minutes…

Anyone with a mobile device and PC version can check this, just hold both next to one another.

1 sec moving screenshots, not happy.

first two are are from PC and the second two are from Android.

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There is already a report about this - and I also filed Support about this

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This was 3 hours before daily reset and my game was updated.also is from GW

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Don’t play GW on PC if you can avoid it, or wait…

Look at this:

But if i play gw on android im scared the battle result wont come through :sweat_smile:


my mobile is old, i doubt it could handle GoW as it is…

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Apologies if this has been mentioned, but this is happening on Xbox One as well. I saw it yesterday for the first time and first thought it was just sentinel bonuses, but these numbers were WAY too high.


Hi. I’m still the same now. Enemies have an exaggerated life, a monstrous attack and everything overhead. I play on Steam.

Can you take a screen shot of the individual troops and are you in Guild Wars or in Explore mode?


Here is a picture of a troop in a guild war battle. Explain this. I have clips and a stream saved on mixer which can be reviewed on the pc.

Xbox console and yes this was a GW battle. I am still PO.:angry::angry::rage::rage:

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Was that at the beginning of the battle?

HAHA! WOW! :heart_eyes: But I’m sad too that this is reality :cry: It’s crazy, my girlfriend had AI with cards up to 300+ life.

Yes it was at the beginning of the battle.


I have posted a thread about this issue on console with more pictures.

Anyone on console is welcome to look at the pinned video on my profile on xbox one. Gamertag Mrs Affects I also shared it in both Gems of War clubs.

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Seems to only be affecting XBox. PS4 is working as it should ( for me anyway).