Where is the difficulty setting?

Iv noticed the AI has become so much harder since the changes so thought id check the difficulty settings and cant find them anywhere. Does anyone know where it is. Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Go into either a casual, explore, or arena. It should be below the FIGHT button.

Thanks for reply is this the new difficulty setting now?

Yup. It’s to help be clearer on where difficulty settings apply to combat and where they don’t.

ahh thanks so much :slight_smile:

except when they apply to guild wars. :unamused:

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I knew someone was going to mention that :stuck_out_tongue:

It applying to GW is a bug. It shouldn’t be happening. Therefore GW shouldn’t have the difficulty interface.

Should get my 200% bonus points for beating 3 warlord 4 gw teams. :smiling_imp: