The 1.0.7 speed change complaint dogpile thread

I thought I’d try to get used to the new speed change in 1.0.7, but after a number of battles with it: I can’t. No, this sucks. There are a lot of changes I like in 1.0.7, and a lot I dislike, but this change is so terrible it actually makes me angry. Seriously, a full 10 on the Nicki Minaj rage scale. I am well and truly POed.

One of the worst thing about it is, it doesn’t even improve pacing like it set out to do! I just dealt with an extremely frustrating battle against a Venoxia-heavy team (the way he and the Webspinner have been buffed by the other changes is beyond bad, but that’s a rant for another thread), and the battle was a protracted nightmare where the Venoxias went off again and again; the speed change had zero real impact.

I’m almost tempted to put the game down for a few weeks and leave it completely till this is patched, and that sucks because I know that whenever the developers finally deal with this and make the speed change optional, like they should have from the outset, I’ll have to wait for however long the app store takes to review the patch.

Devs, please patch this post haste. Like yesterday. I’m not talking about reverting the change, but just making it optional. This CANNOT wait till 1.0.8. We need it immediately. You’re going to lose loyal players over this.

Everyone else, dogpile on and make your voice heard.


I absolutely love the new speed. I don’t understand people who complain about it. You’re not on a timer, so all it does is make the things feel smoother, and troops that get extra turns don’t take ages to play them. I’m really not understanding that one, at all.


I also like the new speed. I would even go further and appreciate the Puzzle Quest speed without the “artificial breaks” in-between gem matches.

Edit: Just make it optional like difficulty with different settings. Everyone wins.

I get that some people inexplicably like it. That’s why I’m not asking it be reverted. But it’s pretty awful for a lot of us, and should never have been changed without a way to configure it.

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Some people? You mean the majority? And why is it inexplicable
that we don’t want fights to take any longer than they have to?
Also, in what way does it not improve pacing? Because spammers are still broken?
Pretty sure if you timed that match before and after the change you would notice a difference.

To each his own, I guess, but surely their are better reasons to leave a game than:
‘Battles don’t waste as much time as they used to.’
As Archenassa said, you can make them last as long as you wish.

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It’s not about the battle time–which isn’t really significantly better anyway, as many other things like AI response still take the same time as before. It’s about the fact that everything is way too frenetic, and for a lot of us it’s maddening to play. (And it’s my understanding that the majority is not all behind the change. I’d be surprised if it’s any better than 50-50.)

I don’t begrudge anyone liking the change, but it should never have been forced on the players at large. It needs to be an option.

I’m sorry, I’m one of the ones that absolutely loves the speed change also. I would have no problem with it being optional. Heck I would even go for a faster speed if I could. I would also turn off the character ability animations if I could.


Loving the speed boost+1

So far, the ratio in this post is far from the estimated 50-50. Perhaps some of the people from the other side of the fence would like to speak up more?

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I’ve mixed views - like efficiency / faster games, but the new speed feels a little too fast to see what happens in cascades.

The OP asks for it to be optional (no idea how easy that would be to code) but being a request for choice, shouldn’t attract criticism for the idea… We can all choose the speed we prefer.

Loving the new faster speed, best change ever so far!

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Sorry, put me in the camp of someone who loves the new faster mode.

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Seriously, there are going to be people for or against any such change. Having the option would be good, definitely.

What I am noticing somewhat more, having said so elsewhere already, is that my real problem is the disconnect between the speed increase for the gem movements and EVERYTHING ELSE still being at the old speed. So in the OP’s example, it would be a case of Venoxia/Webspinner using their ability, filling the board with gems, having all of those match, all the gems shifting around after, then the AI pausing to ‘think’ about its next move with its extra turn. As far as I can tell, of those, ONLY the gems shifting is actually being sped up as a result of 1.0.7’s change.

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I also like the faster speed. Looks like the OP is “inexplicably” in the minority here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nevertheless, I’d be happy to have speed settings optional though.

I like the faster speed only for treasure hunt.

But for regular battles it’s just stressful. I can’t enjoy the battles as much as I did earlier.

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I’m in the camp of it feeling a bit too fast to see what actually happened in the gem match section, however, it is not a deterrent for me. It was definitely different feeling since I didn’t know this was in the patch beforehand.

Honestly, the only thing giving me an issue in the game right now is building a team that can get a bonus but not also suck. Lol


I would have sped up the animation for spell casting a bit and possibly the AI’s “thinking”.
I much prefered the old speed of gems dropping and reacting so you actually had a decent chance to see what happened rather than just the results.

Hey :smile:

Some days I want fast battles (rank reset days) and others I just want to cruise (leisurely Sunday afternoon)!

It would be ideal if this “Timing” thing had a sliding scale in the “Settings” section where a sliding scale of speed could be selected!! Make the slide default to the middle for the current setting, but able to slide to much slower and much faster so people can chose their preference :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks for the feedback gang. From memory there was some limitations as to what speed changes could be applied to, but nice to hear what everyone is thinking about it :slight_smile:

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I’ll admit that the 1.07 patch brought me back to the game after several months of absence - my main mobile game is (another variant of Puzzle Quest, featuring superheroes), and Gems of War felt sooo… slow… before, comparatively. Now the matches are much faster and prolonged fights are a bit more bearable.

I would like to see the PvP “try another/skip” portion sped up as well - it’s way too draggy to skip an opponent, and have to suffer through the check mark, the card moving, the delays. Skipping an opponent shouldn’t take more than a second (game mentioned above does this well - you can skip 10 opponents in as many seconds), and as it stands it takes 5-10 seconds to skip just one opponent in GoW (at least on iOS).


To be honest, I was sceptical about the change at first, but now that I’m used to it, I don’t notice it anymore. Would be very strange even to go back to the slower speed, I guess.

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