The game speed is wrong/bugged?


From the patch notes:

Players are able to change the gem speed between the current faster version and the original slow version, using a toggle button in the Settings menu.

This is not true. Default speed now (which should be fast) is the same as it was before and if you tick the “slow speed” checkbox, the game gets even slower (excruciatingly slow). This is probably a bug


It’s not a bug. The slow speed is how slow the game used to be before 1.0.7.


Then there’s something wrong with my game. With the “slow speed” disabled, the game runs like it ran before (before that speed increase in the previous update). If I enable it, the game runs extremely slow, like it’s in slow-motion.

Let me explain like this: there’s 2 speeds, right? Speed A (the faster speed that was introduced in the previous update) and speed B (the original speed).

This is how it’s supposed to work (I think): box not ticked: speed A. Box ticked: speed B

This is how it works for me: box not ticked: speed B. Box ticked: speed C (slower than A or B and never before seen in the game)