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Has console version always been so slow?

i first started playing gems of war on console about 5 or 6 months ago then made the switch to pc but today i decided to check out my console account and matches take forever and everything moves extremely slow is it normal for gem matches to take 3-5 seconds to actually match or maybe i just got used to pc instant gem matching

I was under the impression that consoles were quicker

well based on what i just experienced its definitely not its to bad to i was having fun playing on my crappy account but the slow gem matching made the game unbearable

  1. The servers have been very unhealthy today. LOTS of errors.
  2. We still have the original PvP animation, its always been slow. Like the original opening Chest animation if you played bank in the day. EPIC!
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Agreed with the last post, since yesterday for me the matching has been uncharacteristically slow. This is especially noticeable as I was running Goblins in PvP, and the time between the gem match and the extra turn was much longer than usual.