Game Speed Adjustment

I was recentyl playing Puzzle Quest again due to having no internet connection becaus of a shitty internet provider. One of the major differences between those games seems to be the game speed. I was playing a few matches and was like “goodness, that is fast!”. A few matches later I was like “goodness, that is a lot more time efficient!”.

So it would be pretty neat to have the option to choose a faster game speed (or gem matching/dropping speed for that matter) in a future patch so that everyone can set it however it suits him. It is a lot easier to follow tha action at the current speed but sometimes I wish you could increase it. Especially since you really do not have to follow every single gem match carefully. Would make certain farming tasks a lot more time efficient :wink:

Maybe you devs could put it on your long-term development goals. I have absolutely no idea how difficult that is to implement but compared to other things on your to-do list this seems like a low priority task ^^

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A bunch of work has already been done around this, when we preview the next update I’ll be sure to share some details about it :slight_smile:


Need moar speed +1


Just after 1.0.7 launched the game speed was a lot faster for a short while (apparently bugged).
Guess what, it felt awesome.
Please add a speed setting so folks can choose their own preference.


If I remember correctly it was accidently set to +80% speed instead of the intended +40%.

I totally agree with you though. I would not mind +100% or more either :smiley:

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