More options for quality of life


Feels like there could be more options to customize the gameplay a little bit more to improve the overall gameplay experience. Lets get to it:


Allright… for my taste the game runs a bit slow and by that I mean that all the ability animations, flashy stuff, trait activations (seriously, with a fully traited up teams this takes forever) and attack animations just take too much time. The stones could fall down a bit faster imo as well. But thats a personal preference. Everyone has one. Someone wants the game slower so they know what happened, and take their time finding the perfect match. Someone like me would like the game a bit faster, I dont necessarily take as much time searching through the board for some amazing combos. I just usually visually check for 4 and 5 matches and skull matches and if there are none I just match whatever color I seem to need for my next ability… The whole point is, that you dont have to force us to play the game on one speed or another, just give us more options on how fast we want the game to be. Right now, the two speeds in the game (with ot without the slow speed box ticked) are just not enough. If I were to put them on a scale from 1 to 10, they would probably be like 2 and 4. I think you should provide a better customizability in that regard.


Why do I have to click the frikking Cast button on the frikking cast screen everytime I want to use an ability? Yes, for a new player a confirmation screen is maybe usefull, but for a veteran thats just annoying. How about an option checkbox that says: “Doubleclick Casting” and when you tick it, voila you can now doubleclick to automatically cast abilities skipping the Cast confirmation screen.

Second thing with abilities - how about changing the cursor to something like targeting sights when you have activated an ability and the game waits for you to click on a gem stone? Its not such big deal to make one more custom mouse pointer and switch between them.


I mean the thing that the gems start flashing after a while to show the player one possible match. Right now it has only two possible settings - on and off. Some people want to really focus on finding the best match and game constatly flashing you some retarded option that will lead your enemy to make 5-skull match doesnt help to concentrate. On the other end of things, sometimes you are facing a super weak team and just want to make any match possible to play quick. Or perhaps the board is jumbled so badly that theres only one or two possible matches. In both cases you would probably want the hint to show up immediately. I think that there could be like 5 different settings for this:

  • instant - the hints will show you a possible match immediately
  • normal - it will begin after several seconds of inactivity
  • long - it will only start flashing after a while, like 30 seconds
  • never - well, never is never
  • responsive - if there are very few possible matches, it will start flashing right away, but if there are more matches on the board, it will take longer… the more possible matched the longer delay


In the troop menu, why is it not possible to search for a certain combination? Like blue / yellow… Why isnt it possible to search by troop type? I know you can type it in manually into the text box, but that also finds all troops who have traits to deal with that troop type, not to mention people make typos. There arent that many troop types in the game for this to be a problem.

Also a weapon filter would be kinda usefull in arena. I mean you can use color filter to filter weapons when you build team from troop menu, but when youre choosing a weapon in arena you have to scroll through everything.


Just a thought regarding your point #2: Even a veteran can accidentally tap/click/whatever the wrong troop to cast a spell. I’ve done it a few times myself. So I don’t think getting ride of the confirmation screen is necessarily a good idea. In fact, what I’d like to see is an option to go back once you’ve confirmed for troops who have to select a gem/troop/whatever to cast on, because there have been times I accidentally selected a Valkyrie, say, when I meant to select a different troop, and hit confirm quickly without noticing I selected Valkyrie, and then I was stuck having to pick a color to transform when I didn’t want to.


I dont suggest to get rid of it completely… I merely suggest to give us an option to do so. I for myself am willing to subject myself to couple human errors here and there if the benefit if being able to play my abilities at double the speed. I mean, for me 99,9 % of the time, that confirmation screen is pointless. So I would welcome the option to get rid of it… All am asking for is that one extra checkbox in the options menu. You would still be able to play the game the way you like it.


Fair enough. I’m just not willing to put up with my own lack of concentration when it can cause me to lose a match. :stuck_out_tongue:


For me especially the trait anims are super-duper annoying. Going into challenge takes forever. For no good reason.


For hints I’d like it to only flash 4s and when there is a single allowed move, but that immediately.


Ascension… I feel like getting Carpal Tunnel after all this clicking. Is ridiculous.


Oddly enough on the ps4 and I assume xbox one you can search by troop type but yes I’d love a color combo search.