Please add this option to speed up the gameplay :)

What I propose is to add an option that you can choose that makes it so that left clicking on a fully charged unit will automatically cast the skill instead of having to open the info screen every time and then click cast from there. I feel like that would improve the speed and streamline the gameplay :slight_smile:

You could of course then add that right clicking brings up the info so that the option is always there.


I wouldn’t use this… don’t see that it saves much time, and does create a serious risk of hitting it by mistake… you’d also be asking for PC functionality that doesn’t work on phone/tablet etc, which is probably more stress to code (especially changing screen and UI order etc).

I realise you asked for it as an option (not forced on everyone)… but even so I’d much rather the devs put their time into doing better things, new content or fixing bugs…

For speeding up, I’d like to see a button that causes the enemy turn to play at 5x speed. So when faced with goblins that end up taking a dozen turns you aren’t just sitting idle for a while.

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For speeding up gameplay I would like to:

  1. Traits don’t have to be “trigger” at the start of each battle.
  2. Allow the game to run on the background
  3. Allow the players to turn off and on spell interactions. (The voices and stuff that happen when you cast a spell)

It does save quite a lot of clicks and repetitive mouse movement for a task that in my opinion is unnecessary to have to perform every single time. And for the people that play a lot it amounts to many clicks over a day. Having to click an extra time removes fluidity which is something that is really great to have in a repetitive game like this.

You already know how much damage and what your skills do. And if you gotten the magic buffed or lost of the unit then you could always still check. Also I think it wouldn’t be that hard or time consuming to implement something like this.

Your 1. and 3. suggestions are also good ones :slight_smile: I myself don’t tab down that much during fights but I can see how it can be nice for others.

Great idea! :slight_smile: +100 from me.

I vote against the mouse clicking idea as well.

Perhaps a clickable button could appear on the portrait though, that’s a good compromise.

I also support @Serale and his ideas and would add one more:

A switch to turn off spell animations, not the FX just the portrait pop ups.

While we’re talking about extra clicks, I’ll re-raise the subject of the game taking you back to the Kingdom screen after battles. This drives me crazy. Clearly I’m grinding Quests/Challenges; why are you driving me multiple clicks away from this? Just send me back to where I was before the battle!

I’m all for directly casting spell (either @Dukeswe idea or @Machiknight), but I’d like to post a small suggestion to this - let’s add a “Cancel” button somewhere after you chosen the spell to cast. I’d like to see it even for spells that doesn’t require targeting - then clicking anywhere else would trigger the spell so you could just click twice if you’re sure you don’t want to cancel.

to speed up the getting on to another fight — add a summery screen like the chests instead of victory click, runestone click, glory click, money click. the fast forward button doesnt do this, it skips you to the gold.

it would also be nice in that i won’t have to wait for the gold and then for the souls, keys, maps to show up before i move on.

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