Quick cast

I know there have been some topics about this before, but it seems to have gone quiet for some time.

On the PC version, It would be nice to have a quick cast option for spells that

  • don’t require you to pick a troop or a gem
  • only have one possible target left

Whether it be a cast button on the troop itself (or anywhere closer than the middle of the screen), a double click option, a swipe movement, a right mouse click, or whatever clever solution the devs or community can come up with.

How do you feel about this? Do you have any brilliant ideas for implementing this? Would love to hear, thanks!


It sounds like a good idea initially but it would actually just save us one click/tap, which takes a fraction of a second. The drawbacks will be muuuuuuuuch bigger: 1001 new bugs and inconsistencies.

I think it’s definitely not worth it actually.


It’s not so much the extra click, as the moving your mouse from left to right constantly. It’s just really inefficient and frankly, a little RSI triggering.

But I do understand it’s a ‘minor’ change that could bring about new bugs. I’m a front-end developer myself, so I know these things are never as easy as they sound.

I still think there could be some UI changes that would make the game a little easier to play/navigate.


And I’m a Test Engineer so we understand very well what we’re talking about :grinning: