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One click casting?

As an end game player, I feel rather boring having to look at the troop details every time I cast a spell. I wonder if the devs could add an option for end game players, such that we can click only once to cast, and long press to look at the troop details?


They definitely could/should and they can leave the option to turn this on/off in the settings

I was thinking a long press might actually work for the spell casting, but if it was easy to switch I don’t see a reason not to include a check-box option in the Settings menu :+1:.

On a touchscreen probably a long press is going to be slower than a quick double tap as in the current implementation, but hey, as long as it is an additional option, why not.

Edit: what I find annoying is rather how the game slows down when you open troop details.

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Would also be no problem for the ps4 controller (or xbox) to cast direct with the right buttons.