Long press to cast a spell

Long press to cast a spell

Isn’t it brilliant?

I use venoxia + forest troll and need frequent spell cast

It would speed up a lot if this feature is implemented

long press [what] ? anywhere on the screen? a special button on physical keyboard?

casting which troop spell [1/2/3/4, random]?

how will that be different then the regular “short” troop->cast pressing?

please elaborate. i can’t picture how long press can speed up game over a short tap.

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i mean long press the image of the troop

then comes the problem “how long” pressing is ok?

i think i would prefer “grabbing and dragging
grab the unit icon and drag it into the gem board to cast a spell - it may be even faster then holding and will not trigger as many mistakes as the holding would

sorry for the consoles cant have it

I like the idea, but only because I’m a lazy person and moving the mouse to the cast button is so far away xD
Actually I’d be even happier if right click on the troop would trigger the cast (I play on pc and via Steam with mouse).
And if the spell requires a target and there’s only one target left or only one target possible, then don’t bother me to ask me which troop.

The only one available ;D