Right click to activate troop skill

Hello, when you play in pc it’s sometimes boring have to click on troop, choose cast and then, in some cases, select the troop o gem in the field.

Well, in pc, we have the mouse with 2 buttons at least, we can do it faster: click right, you cast the spell. If the cast requires an election, another click right (or left, doesn’t matter) to the enemy.

We are lazy, and clicking the square of cast it’s a waste of time :sleepy:


There are two other platforms that share the same/similar codebase that wouldn’t be able to use this feature. Probably not a good use of the Devs time.


the system is now a not good use of MY time, so i don’t really care about it.

Then don’t play, problem solved! LOL


not to do something just becuase it won’t be used in other platform is a stupidity, everyone knows it, don’t defend incompetence

So you think it’s a good use of resources for a small team that’s already strapped for time to develop a feature that only 1 out of the 5 platforms can use?


of course, becuase it can be done very quickly

Have a look at the Quality of Life thread, perhaps you can add your suggestion there? As you can see there’s a pretty long list already.

I suggested spacebar hotkey for cast button in the QoL thread. Would be fast enough, and very similar to two-finger tapping on mobile/tablet

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The game has survived perfectly well for 2.5 years, and grown significantly in that time, without too many people stressing over the UI. I can’t see this being a valuable use of developers’ time either.

Indeed. That’s not a problem the devs should have to fix.

If the UI was slow and clunky enough (like the old team-building UI was two years ago) it could endanger playability, annoy people, cost retention etc. This UI isn’t slow or clunky, to me or most other players.

Don’t get me wrong: if devs had far greater resources then fine… but they don’t…

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I don’t know if this will help you but if you have a Steam Controller I have made a very versatile Controller Profile which incorporates tons of fast shortcuts, one of which addresses just the issue you’re mentioning.

Somebody hijacked and re-uploaded an inferior copy of my original Controller Profile but if you look for KrudlerTheHorse in list of SC Profiles you’ll find the real one by yours truly. It has been highly optimized and refined for four areas in particular:

  • High speed with low amount of input required

  • Feature-rich yet not overwhelming and usable by different controller skill levels

  • Lowest possible input error rate

  • Features that strongly enhance the core game experience

The stand-out feature is selecting any of your four Troops quickly and then clicking Cast in one smooth gesture, which requires no more time or effort than twitching your fingers slightly. There are others such as Map screen shortcuts, rapid-clicks for Ascending, etc. All the features are fairly simple to discover once you import the Profile and mess around with it a bit.

I think of it less as a “cast” button click… and more of a confirm. i’ve messed up a few times and casted stuff when I didn’t intend to, and I don’t mind a confirmation dialogue on an action that can make or break a game. I actually like the feature.