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Double-tap/click portrait to quick cast


Am I the only one who would like some kind of quick-cast feature?
Like an option to skip looking at the “cast”-card and immediately go to the cast (instead of having to press the “cast” button each time).

If not an option, it’d be neat to be able to do so by double-tapping/double-clicking the troop portrait when it’s fully charged to quick-cast.

(I just noticed there are some other feature requests on this subject - I hope the devs are seeing this, would love such a feature)

Thanks for a great game and a great community!


As long as it’s only an option and not a default!

I’d be very annoyed if I accidentally double-tapped and fired the wrong spell!

I prefer the safer method of “tap team member, tap cast button”.

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This has been asked for many times, so I don’t think you’re alone…

Personally I wouldn’t want it, or wouldn’t use the option if made available…

I do think that this is very unlikely to get done - the game is 3.5 years old now and I doubt they’d be making any major UI changes like this soon. We got a new UI and graphics design last year and the devs didn’t take that opportunity to anything like this.