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Shortcut for battle?

So, I play on both mobile and PC. On mobile basically I can do fast battle as 2 hands is great to move the mana on board and casting troop’s spell. But on PC, I feel it’s slowing down because the needs to move the cursor and clicking things.

I don’t know if this proper or not, but I feel like shortcut button would be nice, like if I want to use my 1st slot troop, I just need hit button 1 on my keyboard and hit space to execute it, following by another numbered button if the spell is need to hit specific enemy.

I know it’s sounds like making a “macro” but I feel like it’s would be a convenient way to play faster on PC.
I don’t know either if this thing had come up before or not, and is this idea is proper or not, it’s just had been in my mind for a while and think it would be a good feature to have.


They can’t seem to figure out how to make the keyboard work for the game for some reason, but you might find it helpful to plug an Xbox controller into your pc and use the green A button to confirm spell casts. They have said using a program to simulate joystick buttons would set off their cheat detection.