Hotkeys for PC

It’s been 3 years since the last searchable hotkey thread. Please have mercy to players who grind this game for hours.

Add hotkeys for battles to quickly activate/select abilities of units. For instance, 1-2-3-4 are for corresponding slots to open their menu. Those can be improved even further by adding some modifiers to instantly cast their ability w/o even clicking the card’s menu, a-la ‘quick cast’.

Bind ‘Space’ to all default active buttons. Those buttons are - ‘Skip’ for battle result menu, ‘claim rewards’ for finished Delves, ‘Level up’ button which comes up pretty often, etc. All the buttons players normally click with 99.9999% probability.

Bind 1-2 buttons to select mana mastery on levelup, same reasons.

My wrist hurts, although all I had to do was to move pointer between 3 points over and over again. This is a minor change, casuals won’t even feel the difference, but for grinders it’s lifesaving.


I hate to be the fun sponge here but this is super super super unlikely to get approved. Macros/ hotkeys have got many players banned as its deemed gaining an advantage. If they approve it for PC how will they enable it for mobile, switch and console so that they aren’t at a disadvantage? How will they compensate all the players they have banned for bottling with macros? I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice to be able to auto cast still at x4 speed here. I agree it would be great but I can see why it’s always been knocked back by the team.


Have you tried using a controller? Word has it that even significantly speeds up farming for some teams.

sadly I don have one

Keyboard input having feature parity with controllers would be a good thing.

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Gotta love playing the PS version where I can play with 1 hand on the controller and use the other to browse my phone :smiley: