With spell mechanics getting worked on for future content, now is the time to add a Cancel Spell mechanism for spells after selecting Cast

Looking at some of the features of a to-be released future kingdom over in the Spoilers discussion section, it seems that the devs will be making changes to some of the options available when selecting a troop with full mana for spell casting in order to implement the new content.

Now is THE perfect time, while already making changes and testing this specific section of the gameplay, to finally add an option into the game to back out and NOT cast a spell when you select Cast. Being forced to cast a spell with no way to undo it when you accidentally click it, or see a better board option after selecting the spell, is one of the more frustrating aspects of this game. It would be a significant quality of life increase to address that right now while you’re actively tinkering with the mechanics of spell casting.

Please, add a “Cancel Spell” or “Back” button to go back to the game board. It would be much appreciated. I’m being purposely vague on some of the spoiler details since Feature Requests is the appropriate category for this versus the spoiler discussion threads.

EDIT: I was intending to say after you select the Cast spell feature, not just selecting the troop. I was misremembering the order of things when I wrote this initial post, and have updated by post and title accordingly.


What do you even mean? Don’t you need to tap cast to cast it? When you just select the card, you can still go back.

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You’re right, I had a mental lapse when writing this. What I was intending is once you select Cast for the spell, to be able to back out of the spell casting. You’re locked in once you’ve done that as opposed to being able to return to the game board without casting. I was combining the two steps of selecting troop and hitting Cast into one step previously.

Yeah, it would only apply to certain troops though such as those that need to target a specific opponent. I am not sure how that can be implemented.

It would require to move the effects, that come from casting a spell, after the cast instead of before. I am not sure, in how many cases this would lead to a different outcome.
Also of course, you could bet, that it will lead to months of bugs.

Worth it?

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It is also what enabled those Ironhawk Submerged and Heroic Gem softlocks to happen.

Technically, no. When you cast a manual-target spell, the following things happen in order:
0 - Click on the troop and click “Cast” from their spell page
1 - Any “upon cast” traits activate (Arcane, etc)
2 - If a manual target is required, prompt the player to select a target (troop or gem)
3 - ACTUAL spellcast happens: troop art pops up with spell name + effects happen

Note that the order of 1 and 2 is a problem. The spell is not actually “cast” (i.e. no spell effects happen) until AFTER the player has clicked to provide a spell target.

All they’re asking is to tweak the order of events to:
0 - Click on the troop and click “Cast” from their spell page
1 - If a manual target is required, prompt the player to manually select the target (troop or gem) or allow the player to cancel the spell and return to their turn on the board
2 - Spellcast happens as normal
2a - Any “upon cast” traits activate
2b - Troop art & spell name pops up, spell effects happen


Yess please! I fully support this!

I’m confused :brain: :exploding_head: