QoL suggestions/request

Hi, im playing for about 3 weeks, some stuff has come to my attention that i believe will improve gameplay experience significantly - for new player at least.

  1. hotkeys for PC. its a pc game, hotkeys would be very welcome, just some 1,2,3,4 for select a troop to cast a spell, if spell is auto-target, just cast on press, if not, press 1,2,3,4 again to choose corresponding ally/enemy
  2. if no hotkeys then please make 4x animation work while you click a troop in combat (at least click YOUR troop). Atm when you click it, animation goes back to 1x on background, so instead of speeding up turn by pre-selecting or selecting the spell in exact time its your turn you instead delay the whole stuff, gets very annoying over time.
  3. Classes, make it so that if we reach class level 100 we can always change into that class for free ignoring the timer alltogether. It will be a good incentive to level some outsider classes.
  4. Event points that you earn in pvp/exploration. Can we get some weekly leaderboard with rewards and/or use excess event points for some recurring last prize? so it will feel a lil better ending up with thousands of them in the end of a week.
  5. Casual pvp battles - can the game pre-load a certain rotation? Currently game loads 3 opponents, if you choose to rotate em, game slowly loads 3 more. What i suggest is preload a rotation of 30-90-300? trial and error, to make flipping opponents faster and reduce waiting time on players side.
  6. Exploration - can we also figure something out with pre-loads? Currently if you run a quick team loading an arena takes a good chunk of time, compared to combat length, and can rarely exceed it. When you finish combat in 2-3 quick moves. Maybe add a series of 10 explorations sequence mode? when you dont come out of arena but instead get your health restored/mobs revived, and immediately put into another fight without unloading current/loading next battle. Spoils are awarded after all 10 fights are done. Or you can think in that direction to add delve like or even harder challenge (hp doesnt restore, allies doesnt ressurect, much higher rewards)
  7. Also would be cool to do something with ranked pvp rewards. Currently i see no reason to play ranked pvp for profit, you just play for fun. (and a few battles at monday to get to t1). Trophies you ll get plenty from casual as well unless you are rushing, leaderboards is something to consider if you can play 8 hours a day of ranked pvp or something, will try one week when will complete all the other game aspects. Whats not right: currently its better to farm everything but trophies in casual easly selecting your opponents (firebomb) and getting your warlord 2-4 multipliers.

Nothing bad with having an ability for easy grind. But since guild sorta demand gold to perform ok, and firebombing is the most time/gold efficient way to get it, and firebomb grinding is so grossly repetitive BUT it takes a good percentage of your gameplay - ppl just get burned out. Imo raise ranked pvp gold rewards, easy by 50%, normal by 100%, hard by 200%. This will make gameplay much more interesting and rewarding. Atm can easly get 5.5k gold per fight in firebomb warlord 4 within 30 seconds. Nothing can beat it in ranked pvp, nothing is even close to it

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I like this. A lot. The fee to change classes is silly and has never had a justification other than “the devs feel like everything should have a cost”.