Dear developers

I need some hotkeys for my troops [1234] or even [QWER]
I need better info about magic scaling IN GAME like [3+magic] or [2+magic/2].
I need configurational sound effects (it’s really annoying to hear every mana surge if you have 50%+ proc chance on every gem, especially on teams that create or converts gems like 3 or 4 MaNa SuRgE, CrItIcAl SuRgE at the same time, i like the sound of matching gems, but this kills all the sound for me).
I need better SPFX, you know, you improving the interface, but I want arrows, fireballs, ice spears, toxic bolts. Does it so hard? I know what some mobile devises cant afford this graphics, but i dont care about this. I’m just open the film or serial and run this game at the same time, and I enjoy this a lot, but I want something even better.
I played this game for 651 hours and would not say nonsense about it. I just want the better experience. It’s best 3-in-a-row game i’ve ever played

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Some of your ideas are already listed in this:

But the hotkeys idea could certainly be added.


Added the hotkeys idea.


pliss add hotkeys…