That tingly feeling


I always get that tingly feeling when a forum member defeats me. I can only post these three, but I will give a special mention to @Eika @Macawi @Gouki @Tyler_Durden @Tacet and @Jainus . I am glad I was worth something to you.


Awww, we only attack you out of love :kissing_heart:


::sniff:: ::sniff:: I know, I know


…the love for gold!


Well at least you are not up against an OP team when you fight me back. I try to be fair so even L100 players can take me.


I’d be happy to beat the crap out of you if we weren’t in the same guild.:wink:


I have another post where L200 players beat my team. Especially on Mondays. Straight spell damage dismantles my team,


Ive met Ugeeer from the same guild as me several times, earliest yesterday. So it might actually be possible that you will fight Koolbiird. :wink:


Thankfully we’re in the same guild then!


If a friends list is ever added in game, we can spam it. Out of love though. :stuck_out_tongue:


A friends list would be awesome though.


The conversation between you touched my GoW Heart just this minute…:fire:
I am lucky to have so crispy and kool Guildmates :relieved:

Indeed :slight_smile: I would hope for pretty much room for endless out of love though :smiley::stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a pleasure having you as a guildy as well.


Yeah, I think I have some pretty cool guild mates as well. Must all be due to my influence . . .:wink:


I was actually going to post beating you up in my favorite things :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I want to point out that when ever I see River in my revenge list I think “hello sweetie”


That would have been hilarious


“You’re still regenerating, which means your shield density is down. One alpha-meson burst through your eye stalk will kill you stone dead.”

“You are an associate of the Doctor. You will show mercy.”

“I’m River Song. Check your records again.”



Glad this old GOAT defeated you and gave you a tingly feeling!

Did you take revenge?


Not yet, but I shall :slight_smile: