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That feeling when (...)

it’s Wednesday and you can no longer contribute gold to your guild…


Can’t contribute gold and can no longer attain seals.


Now you can spend all that sweet, sweet gold on Gold Keys and rake in the minor traitstones and ascended commons!

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Yeah. I have almost all commons at Mythic, but I do still need minor traitstones, so I suppose that will have to do; even though 90% percent of what I get from gold chests will be impractical fodder. :sweat:

I know! I’ll start saving my gold for next week, so that we won’t have anything to spend it on on Monday instead…

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Unfortunately this is classified as #topguildproblems. This will be a reality for my Guild soon enough…


C’est la vie, I suppose…

Non, vive la résistance!

Lève mes frères, lutter contre l’oppression!

J’admire votre enthousiasme, mais la patience est primordiale

Don’t worry, a new kingdom is coming and you will soon be filled with the “joyous” feeling of looking at a new common and see it far from being at mythic. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Ouch! Google translate really needs some improvement!

Silver linings… Nice. I like your positivity.

That and the insane legendary; if the trend continues from Drifting Sands inception

Indeed it will…