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That awkward moment when your guildmates be lookin' for new guilds

That awkward moment when you see your guild-mates asking for invites from other guilds without even saying anything to the guild they in…and you be like:



Classless. I’ve never understood this. Just leave the guild first then join a new one if you are going to broadcast that you are looking for a new guild.



Exactly. In the comment to the guild they tryin’ join, they always gotta dis the guild they in now too.


Of course, that’s a requirement. lol

Then it’s like baby boo child now hold UP wait a minute. We put you up in the crib, fed you, gave you a lot of keys for your trouble, kept you around when you weren’t doin’ nothing for the guild, and you go out and crap on the lawn?! Nah that’s messed up.

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Loyalty is a rare trait. I was asked to join the Console’s top Guild for months but I stayed put because I literally swore an oath of loyalty to my leader.

Two days after he quit, I was released from my oath and left.

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He/she better already be kicked…

Nope lol they are still in the guild. Don’t even have the decency to leave. But we’re a laid back guild so it’s whatever. I didn’t make this thread to trash and bag on anyone personally. I just know we have all experienced this and it makes me laugh.

Kick 'em. Looking for another Guild is understandable, talking down your current Guild is inexcuseable.

That’s because that’s what leeches do. Let them be Guildless for awhile, then maybe they’ll learn a lesson.

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Nothing wrong with looking for another guild. I would assume a lot of people start playing, join a random guild, and then get the itch to push further.

But, there is no reason to put down your current guild. If they aren’t for you, fine. If you want to find a guild that fits your play style better, fine. That doesn’t make the old guild bad.

No reason to quit the old guild first but have the decency to not demean that group of people, especially when you are still part of said group.


Yeah exactly. We all try different guilds out, that’s part of the game. Just give your current guild a heads up first and leave with some class. (when you leave)

Let’s be honest. The average guild isn’t a team. it’s a group of 30 individuals doing their own thing and not even thinking about the “group”. So, I can understand a person in that sort of guild not bothering to leave a “Dear John…” letter. But, there is really no excuse for publicly dissing the guild just because you want to move on.


My guild is designed to make players better and then pawn them off on a better guild. Seriously i do not kick people except if they do not play for 21 days (i changed it when the guild hit a milestone). Seriously i wish those 500 would leave my guild and find greener pastures, they are making my guild look too good.

This is my favorite thing to do in online games with a Guild system. I’ve had games where over 2/3s of the members of the top 5 Guilds were “mentored” by me.

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How active are you guys in guild chat? I know when I was in birch team the chat section was dead so when I left I just poofed. It wasn’t until demo said something in the recruitment thread that I issued an apology.

However down talking your guild should be grounds for immediate removal. Having a person like that around is counter productive for recruitment


Don’t take it personally, just ignore it. Start recruiting to fill the slot now. When you find another interested player problem solved.