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I am nearly level 10 and it seems i need a guild for now. How would i go about finding a guild? I play casual and i may not log in every day.

I made the mistake of going to global chat to look for a guild. I was immediatly called a troll lol. You all don’t much care for new people here do you?

Looks like i still need a guild. I joined one and was immediately told to do “women’s work”. And that was even after a forum member was telling everyone not to let me join. I mean seriously! Wtf is up with this community?

I never realized there was a gender assignment in guilds.
Did they ask you to wash the dishes and make you do the ironing?
What is women’s work in a guild?

I’m female but i proudly lead 3 guilds and i don’t understand what causes you to lead to think the entire community is against you.

When i search for members i look at their pvp performance, their kingdom progress and fit around with other members.
Not how much commotion they cause and how much posts they create on a forum.

If you want to be taken seriously, play the game.
You claim you’re a casual player and may not login to the game everyday however it is quite obvious that you’re on standby to answer every single post that appears on the forum and not doing anything productive outside of your offline time.


So its ok that that was said to me because i am a casual player? Or do you think i am lying? I never intended to spend so much time here but the conversations i have been in have been interesting.

this is what i get. And i’m wrong?

Guild found. Thanks.

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Hi! I think women‘s work is just an empty phrase. I guess he meant it more in a funny way. It would be more interesting to know how the conversation went on. I guess he wrote something more for clearing this up but this part is missing at the screenshot :wink:

The convo ended after he said it was a typo. But it’s nice to know that hate speech is acceptable as long as it was meant to be funny. :roll_eyes:


Apparently the sexist player can’t be found. Probably i failed to provide enough information but i can’t help but feel like this is being swept under the rug. Either way, i won’t be playing this game any longer. So good luck to everyone.



Typo means a mistake not a joke.

Of course the devs aren’t going to do anything. You admitted it was a typo they can’t punish someone for that.

I’m sorry we couldn’t find this player for you. If you encounter any negative behaviour that you would like to report in the future please include the player’s invite code/name or Guild (found when selecting their profile) so we can locate them on our database.

I feel like you are being overly sensitive. It seems likely if he said it was a typo that since this is a mobile game, his phone just autocorrected something. I have seen in my time some extremely unfortunate and some rather random and nonsensical things get inserted randomly in place of things I intend to say.

Contextually speaking, it doesn’t make sense for it to be anything but a typo/autocorrect. What you do with your kingdoms is unlock and upgrade them so that you can get power ups and income from them which makes you more valuable to your guild in the long run. There are no gendered stereotypes connected to that as far as I can see.


Just my 2 cents: “women’s work on kingdoms” probably meant you had to upgrade your kingdoms through some routine battles: farming money, investing money, farming souls and traitstones, developing troops to increase kingdoms’ power etc. Cannot see any offence in it.

Calling those tasks “women’s work” is an issue. It suggests that men don’t need to worry about basic stuff like that.


Good lord, grab the pitchforks everyone and let’s hunt down this offensive player…:roll_eyes:


I think that Albert Einstein was correct when he said this:
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Yeah, you need to learn, because it’s likely you’re making the women in your life uncomfortable.

All of those things are “chores”. They aren’t the game. They aren’t “fun” for all people. The phrase “women’s work” means “menial labor that is too good for men to do”. There’s not really an argument against that. To figure out if something is on the wrong side of “joke”, here’s a real quick test:

Explain the joke. Why is it funny that this stuff is “women’s work”? What is it about women that makes these tasks suitable for them? Why don’t men like doing them? What does it mean if a man likes them, or a woman doesn’t like them?


“He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool.”

Don’t let other people’s decisions control your emotions. Don’t let other people’s emotions control your decisions.