Territorium event

Hello developer

if you make an update next time, please make it better it can not be that the game hangs in the middle of the loading screen and me a seal is deducted what I can not do that’s mean what you do, it’s just an excuse to spend more with real money to buy impudence, I would like to have this seal again !!!

I believe this happens when there are connection issues for you or from the game server.

I think if you wait, even if a very long time, you will be able to play the match and not lose a sigil/seal. If you exit while it is still loading (even if it seems stuck), you will lose the sigil.

GoW Support cannot replace the sigil, unfortunately, as I understand (I’m sure someone more helpful than me can provide the link). You can always submit a Request on the Support website, of course.

I think this should be in the Feedback Category, also (unless you just want to submit a Request/Ticket).

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Ich habe das spiel nicht verlassen und es ist nicht meine schuld wenn der server mal wieder meint einfach das spiel auszumachen,ich möchte diesen Siegel wiederhaben ich lasse mich nicht verarschen langsam reicht es mir ,jedes mal immer diese ausreden !!!

Holy cow the glitch is out of control! The OP has changed languages!