Different day same bugs

Thanks for stealing all my sigils. I didnt wanna play the event anyways and since we have no tech support for compensation I wont bother with a ticket. Thanks I will patiently wait my 18-20 days for a response

Hi @truethat I can check this for you however, I can’t find your invite code on your forum profile.

Can you please submit a support ticket here so I can hopefully help you before the event ends?

In future if you are missing rewards, especially in a limited time event I would definitely recommend writing to us at support as this isn’t an issue the community can help you with and it’s time sensitive.

Its ok its the same delay glitch affecting pvp and pet rescues, you win a battle and no green check mark appears ( unless you leave and come back) so you can click the same battle you just won resulting in this error popup. Thanks for responding