Stuck on Logging In

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was expecting to be logged in to the game and I was stuck on “logging in” and then after 2 minutes I get an error message that pops up saying “Lost connection. Please retry when connection is established again.”

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Closing the game and re-opening it again. No matter what I do it is stuck on Logging In.

I am connected to the internet with no connection issues. Steam is working and I am connected there. I have tried verifying files, uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe AIR as well as many other troubleshooting methods to attempt to solve this issue.

Please help!

This injustice will not stand!

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Seriously though this is kind of a big deal. Pew missed out on a couple hundred seals not being able to log in yesterday, will now have daily bonus reset to baseline, and is having his preciously limited playtime robbed.

But me? I got nothing going on today. This thread stays bumped.

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Thought you’d seen the last of this thread, did you?

Ditto, Missed a day last week for this reason,

ive only got persisting logging issues when/if i dont update steam/gow to the lastes version, check if you have

thats all i can come up with …