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Still can not login, so sad

I still can not login, still back screen for me even i reinstall from android Lg V10, Does it mean i should give up or still need to wait

You should contact support.

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A few people are affected on ps4 too. Can’t play pvp or get guild rewards. It usually seems to happen whilst playing over the Monday reset. It’s happened to me, I was locked out for 3 days and had to put a ticket in, plus ask for the guild rewards missed too.

What language setting is your phone on?
@Ozball once mentioned that there were problem with foreign language setting devices.
Try changing your phone settings to English and try again?

Also, @Ozball,
on my PC Steam, I still have to hit Retry at least 10 times on the Connection-Timeout screen…
I know I can eventually play, but this is getting kinda silly.
Will this be fixed soon?

This should be fixed in the coming update.

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@Ozball Any estimate when the update is going out?



How soon is that?

Our GM has been locked out of the game for almost a week now.

She downloaded the latest update, which broke the Dungeon.
Someone told her that reinstalling the game would fix the issue… big mistake!

Now she can’t log in, she contacted support last Thursday but hasn’t heard a word from them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well that’s quite informative. I’ll keep you posted. No word yet today.

Still no word back! Unbelievable!