I can't do ANYTHING but enter chat. Devs?


I can’t check mail, go to the shop, check my hero, PvP… play at all except enter chat. I’m addicted and I’d really like to get back on ASAP… If there’s a dev online… help me out. I have a support ticket open but it’s been over 24 hours.


@ROFLance what platform are you playing on?
Edit . Just putin you in the right category :wink:


PC/Android. My phone and my PC were giving me the same issue… So I reinstalled both games and it’s still happening… I installed a fresh copy of GoW on a friends PC and the same thing happens…


Hi Lance,

The our support team has already been in contact with you, and are currently discussing your issue with us to try and get a resolution for you.


Great thanks! I just got into a highly competitive guild (#6 on the leaderboards) and I really wanted to try my best this week. This is the longest I’ve gone without playing in at least a month and it’s driving me nuts lol.


I understand wanting to get back into the game. Our support guys are great, and we’ve have a couple of tricks we can try to help you get back into the game.


Please help me out! :anguished: I haven’t been able to satisfy my addiction going on 2 days now…



Hi Lance,

If you are around. We have just sent a response to your support request. If you could get back to us asap, we will be able to move forward to trying and fixing this for you.


You should be able to play the game again properly now.


Thank you!


double shifts for you now Lance! :smile: